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Kumamoto Foods: The Strange and the Bizarre

When we talk about Kumamoto, first thing comes to mind is the "Kumamon" - a cartoon character of the rosy-cheeked, stoned-looking black bear mascot with a which is seen plastered and advertised everywhere from billboards to merchandises. And then there is the Kumamoto Castle which suffered some moderately severe damages during the earthquake last year. Read more about the earthquake here

But I digress.
Unbeknown to many, Kumamoto offers some of the unusual foods that may be perceived by many, even the local Japanese, as bizarre or peculiar, a stark contrast to the mainstream Japanese cuisine. 
As I ate my way through the land of Kumamon, here are some of the foods I personally found interesting.
1. Uni Croquette As I was walking around the compounds of the Kumamoto Castle, I came across "Ninomaru" a compound which houses shops, restaurants, souvenir stores and a performance stage, obviously this place was b…

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