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An unexpected act of kindness in Malta

The modern society continues to progress. The population of urban dwellers continues to grow and expand at an unprecedented rate. And people are more in tuned with technological gadgets. However, it seems like humanity is, by and large, regressing. If you are a city dweller, take a look around you, people are rushing to their respective destination, minding their own businesses, eyes glued to their smartphone screens, often unaware of their surroundings or even where they are headed to. People are often wary and suspicious of their surroundings due to the onset of crime.

But what I had experienced on my trip to Malta years ago really got me thinking that we should always open our hearts and give humanity another chance (still with caution, of course).
I was casually walking around the Blue Grotto, taking pictures of the beautiful azure blue sea and the breathtaking rock formations in the surroundings.

"Hi there, do you need my help to take pictures for you?" A middle-aged m…

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